On Location: Bermuda, More Than a Destination

Locations of the International Colloquium on Black Males in Education are selected intentionally for their unique educational landscapes. What makes Bermuda special for this year’s event?

Although known to most of the world as a tropical vacation destination, Bermuda, the site of the 5th Annual International Colloquium on Black Males in Education, is much more than a picturesque backdrop.


The island of Bermuda has just one institution of higher education serving the population. The two-year Bermuda College offers Associate of Arts, Science and Applied Science degrees, as well as diploma and certificate programs. With only one higher education institution, Black men in Bermuda face an entirely unique experience that has not been the context of previous Colloquia. Following degree attainment at Bermuda College, students seeking further education must travel more than 1,000 miles over the Atlantic to get to the nearest four-year institution, or consider on-line degree options.

Previous Colloquia have brought participants to the United Kingdom, the US Virgin Islands, Georgia and Jamaica, but even among other island sites, Bermuda contrasts and compliments the topics in higher education the Colloquium has seen before. With just 35 full time faculty and an average class size of 15 students, Bermuda College is an interesting and thought-provoking case study that is in concert with the goals of the Colloquium and shows the multitude and unique array of Black male experiences.

Finally, the Colloquium strives to not just present research, have meaningful discussions, and provide networking opportunities, but also endeavors to create local change and impact at each of the sites that host the Colloquium. Last year in Jamaica, the College Academy helped prepare local high school students to further their education, which proved to be impactful for all involved. This year in Hamilton, Bermuda, new Colloquium events will be introduced, including the Community Conversations and Policy Round Table. Colloquium leadership is working closely with Dr. Duranda Greene, president of Bermuda College, along with prominent personnel within the Bermuda Department of Education, who are actively involved in the planning and community engagement efforts of this years hallmark event.

Registration is currently open for the Colloquium which is being held October 4-7, 2016. In order to ensure that no voice is absent from the 2016 program in Bermuda, the proposal submission deadline has been extended to Monday, July 25, 2016. For information on how to submit a proposal, please see the Invitation to Participate.



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